Vintage and Classic car smart charger

Vintage and Classic car smart charger

Designed and built in north America and made exclusively for 6 volt Vintage and Classic cars, this charger is your new option to run 12 volt accessories from your car's 6 volt system without having to change some or all of your car's 6 volts accessories and power system.

Changing your car over from 6 to 12 volts accessories and charging system is a costly and time consuming task. Some accessories don't run or don't run properly on 12 volts like radios, gauges etc… and just may not fit as a direct replacement.

The cost of conversion is high, and the car is no longer original. With our system, the car keeps its originality and his very fine 6 volts system and accessories and allows you to run great 12 volts accessories like the EasyDrive Power Steering system. A must if you are tired of fighting with over excessive force required just driving.

Why not make the whole ride even more enjoyable!!

This unit is specially made for charging a small sealed 12 volts battery. These 12 volts sealed batteries are inexpensive, sturdy and maintenance free. They can be installed in many different positions giving a lot of power for a small size and ease the installation when it comes to space limitations.

The Smart Charger system will let you run the famous EasyDrive Power Steering system (which we have been selling since 2011) with peace of mind. You can even run an electric 12 V radiator fan for temporary additional cooling in congested traffic. By the way, you can charge your smart phone, GPS and other small gadgets, since a USB connector and harness is available as an option.
The new smart charger will charge the 12 volt sealed battery while you run your car.
Nothing to do after the installation, no maintenance and no adjustments. Use your accessories and let the smart charger do the rest!
We all know that 6 volts car generators are relatively low output devices compared to today's alternators, so we built the charger for this application in mind. It will never put your car's 6 volts battery down!
In the case that your 12 volts sealed battery gets very low, the charger will only need 8-9 amps to work. On a full 12 volts sealed battery, the need is around 2 amps for maintaining the 12 volts sealed battery at its best,.
The Smart Charger starts and stops charging automatically using the 6 volts ignition signal. The Smart Charger only starts charging approximately 30 seconds after ignition has been applied giving the chance to maintain the maximum available current from the 6 volt battery to crank the engine over.

The «real strong» current is draw from the AMPS gauge terminal for the smart charger, this way you can «see» the charger running on your car, like lamps, or radio from the AMPS gauge.

The Fitzback Garage Smart Charger comes with two LED's, one to confirm that the ignition signal is present and one to confirm that the Smart Charger is charging which makes trouble shooting the charger very user friendly.

Positive ground 6 volts car smart charger available

It's the first real accessory for 6 volts cars, made for 6 volts cars, by 6 volts car guys!