6-volt vehicles

Fitzback Garage has acquired expertise in DC electricity over the years, especially for cars equipped with the 6-volt system. Well aware of the problems associated with the 6-volt circuit in classic cars, whether it’s hot or cold starting difficulties, low headlight intensity or engine misfiring, our expertise will enable you to enjoy your classic car on 6 volts, just as it was originally.

Until 1954, most manufacturers produced cars with a 6-volt electrical circuit. The cars of the time ran very well on the 6-volt circuit, even in winter. Now they’ve aged and, for some of them, need a few minor repairs to function as they did in their younger days.

The 6-volt system has disappeared, mainly due to the addition of more power-hungry electrical equipment. The 6-volt charging system could no longer cope with the growing demand for new equipment. With the 12-volt system, manufacturers have been able to reduce the size of certain motors and wiring, thus saving money. What’s more, it allowed them to increase spark plug voltage at the same time as increasing compression ratios for the nascent V8s.

Fitzback Garage has developed four products specially designed for your 6-volt vehicle: an intelligent charger, a motor temperature control module, a module for trailer lights et LED blinker module.