Electric Power Steering

Fitzback Garage is dealer of vintage car adaptable power steering system EasyDrive.

Attention, Easydrive is not sold on another name, and is the only one brand new, not rebuilt.

Here are the specifications of the EasyDrive system:

  • EasyDrive to better run his old car with less effort.
  • This system is adaptable to almost any antique cars equipped with the system 12 volts (6 volts adaptable with the smart charger). It can be installed in our workshop or on your own (some skill and tools required).
  • Quietly, without pump, no hoses, no leaks, no changes in the front axle, without changes to the suspension, the system is hidden well under the dashboard or in the engine compartment.
  • There are 2 kits available to cover all classic car need: 45 amps and 60 amps (kit some are already prepared for some vehicle models such as Mustang, Corvette, Galaxie, Morgan, Citroen, Aston Martin…)
  • The equipment is new and guaranteed, being approved and used at present by big automotive groups (PSA, Renault, Nissan, Toyota and others).
    Its use is possible on most of the automobiles of the 1930s to the 1970s (Europe and the USA).
  • We can install Easydrive in your car, or if you wish to purchase a kit, it will be supplied with a complete instruction sheet with photos. The installation must be made according to the instructions and in a professional way.
  • With this device, the vehicle preserves its original chassis specifications (steering gear case or rack and pinion system, column, steering angle, steering wheel, and number of turns from lock to lock).
  • Positive or negative to ground. 100% reversible product!
  • The operating principle: the system measures the effort on the steering wheel and amplifies it in the original direction of turning, on the steering column, via a sensor connected with the computer which sends its information to the electric motor.
  • A regulation button allows you to vary the power while on the road, so you can adjust the amount of power assist – for example, you can have maximal power assist in the parking lot, and less on the highway.

Fitzback Garage have already installed the Easydrive system on:

  • Alvis
  • Porsche 911
  • Ferrari Daytona
  • Ford Mustang
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Jaguar (XK 140 and 150, MK II, 3L8S, MK8 and E type)
  • Many Citroën Traction (11 and 15)
  • Mercedes (280SL, 190SL, 540K)
  • Morgan (plus 4)
  • Salmson
  • Austin Healy
  • Commercial vehicles

Steer your classic car with ease thanks to EasyDrive. No noise, no major modifications and 100% reversible